Runners’ Rules

In order to advance in the game (level-up), the runners have to complete “running challenges”. These are job related tasks and activities carefully designed to support the business objectives’ achievement.

The proofs uploaded in the game by the runners are validated by a project management team within a timeframe of maximum 24 hours.

The entire content of the project (challenges, micro-learning resources, prizes, teasers, offline marketing tools, communication) is dynamic, updated in real time and 100% customized for each project.

When joining the game, runners create a fully personalized avatar, which can match their real-life appearance, or not. The avatar is immediately influenced by the in-game progress: active involvement makes the avatar look fit while inactivity will cause the avatar to gain weight. As in games, the failure is fun!

While completing tasks, the runners earn badges (e.g. problem solving, active listening), win VRcoins, the game’s virtual currency, which can be used to claim prizes from the Runner Expo (e.g. books, cinema tickets, e-readers, bottle of wine, special tea bags, etc) and burn virtual calories to support a social cause.

Each runner has a sponsor, overviewing his activity, and sometimes a number of supporters who cheer him up.

The runners choose the pace of the race, the amount of time they want to allocate or even if they want to be part of it. We stress the voluntary participation principle.