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We’ve all seen what a boring training can look like. None of us want to go through that again. Ever.

This is why VRunners was created. To amplify your learning experience in a fun way, deeply connected to your everyday tasks and activities.


Benefits of being a VRunners participant

  1. It has the power to transform your job into an (even more) enjoyable activity
  2. It creates new ways of connecting you to your co-workers
  3. It enables you to learn better and faster
  4. It gives you the chance to win tangible rewards for a job great done by using the VRcoins
  5. It helps you help others in need, by converting your earned currency into donations for a cause
  6. It paves the way for the upcoming individual learning  experience - VRunners Race of the Year – a platform dedicated to upgrading your leadership, sales, entrepreneurial, project management or other skills, independent of the company you work for


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